Conscious Giving: A Bay Area Guide to Donating Clothes Responsibly

We recognize that most people are overworked and out of time. Donating clothes requires extra effort on its own; researching where to donate is another feat in itself. Understanding this, we developed a simple guide to help find the best, most impactful place to donate used clothing in the Bay Area.

While most Americans are eager to donate their used clothing and household items, many of these donors aren’t aware of how they’re making a difference through their donations. Or rather, in the worst cases, how the donations they think are helping are actually hurting local charities

Ultimately, it is the consumer’s responsibility to know how their donation is used and where their stuff ends up. Unfair labor practices, such as sweatshops, receive plenty of media attention and buyer consideration; yet it is just as important (and ethical) to know where clothes go at the end of their life as it is to know where they come from and how they were made.

Textiles are the least recycled material

Textiles are the least recycled material


At WOVIN, we believe donating should be easy, but more importantly it should be done consciously

As a company we value sustainable and transparent business practices. We believe there should be adequate tools available for donors to make informed decisions about where to donate. We strive to make the donation process easy and convenient for everyone, starting with the Bay Area.

While WOVIN provides an ethical, responsible, and transparent solution to donating secondhand stuff in Northern California, we know we aren’t the only organization you might consider. So we’ve compiled a checklist of suggested questions to ask, as well as an easy-to-use comparison table to weigh all your donation options.

To Do or Not To Donate.png

Note: this table is not a comprehensive list. WOVIN does not endorse any of these organizations and recommends further research using our checklist as a guide.

Donation Method Tax Deductible Your Impact Hand Sorted Primarily Resells To Gives to Shelters In-House Recycling Charity Navigator Rating
Goodwill Drop-Off Yes Low Some Export - - 85.98
Salvation Army Drop-Off & Pickup Yes Low Some Export - - Not Rated
Parca Pickup Yes Low - Third Parties - - -
Planet Aid Bin Yes Low - Export - - Not Rated
WOVIN Pickup Yes High 100% People Like You Yes Yes -
Dress for Success Drop-Off Yes High 100% - Yes - 93.16
USAgain Bin - Low - Export - - -
St. Vincent De Paul Drop-Off Yes Medium 100% Export Yes - 97.03
American Cancer Society Drop-Off Yes Medium 100% People Like You - - 76.7

We are continually adding to this list. Contact us if you’d like to recommend an organization not mentioned above.